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Если Вам за 30, - переведите для первого занятия:

There is no age barrier to language improvement. However, many adults have come to believe that they are already past the optimum age for language learning. These attitudes represent a major obstacle to effective language improvement.

Forcing adults to do the kinds of drills found in a typical business English course, that were developed for use in traditional classrooms, will only increase the adult learner's resistance to language learning.

Phrase of the Day - Фраза дня - для первого урока:

Everyday I'm hamstering - как перевести?
Инна Достоевская, Москва, Марьино

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Не видя контекста, можно подумать, что человек крутится как белка в колесе (на Западе в колесе чаще можно встретить хомяка, чем белку). Поэтому это буквально следует перевести "как хомяк в колесе”.
В контексте:
Примеры из "urban dictionary" (словаря амер. сленга):
Did you see Frank hamstering up on seventh floor with marketing yesterday?
I can't believe the executives aren't on to him. What a hamster!

Damn insurance company is hamstering out of paying me.

He didn't have a cup to drink out of... so when no one was looking... he put his mouth up against the water cooler nozzle and became hamstering his drink.

The term Hamstering was coined when starving German soldiers during World War II went to towns and begged for food until their packs were full of food.

Отсюда вывод: Everyday he is hamstering - дурака валяет, из пустого в порожнее переливает, попросту тратит время, суетится бестолку, впустую растрачивает энергию и время.

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DIALOGUE (Building Career and Business - Бизнес и карьера)

A: Tutoring Service. Good morning. Can I help you?
B: This is Mr. Horst speaking. Could I speak to Mr. Chester, please?
A: One moment please. I’m sorry but Mr. Chester is on the other line – will you please hold on? I’ll put you through as soon as possible. Or would you like to leave a message?
B: Сould you ask Mr. Chester to call me back?
A: Of course. What was your name again?
B: My name is Richard Horst.
A: Could you please spell your last name?
B: That’s H for Harry, O for Oliver, R for Robert, S for Sugar and T for Tommy.
A: OK, my colleague will call you back asap. Thank you for calling, goodbye.

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Подготовка к TOEFL iBT - The Test of English as a Foreign Language - the Internet-based Test Tutoring. Вы можете заказать видео-сопровождение с аудио-уроками к Кембриджскому (Cambridge) учебнику английского языка (the English language) для начинающих Essential Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy (красный Мёрфи, Мерфи, Мэрфи)

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Подготовка к TOEFL iBT - Preparation for the Test of English as a Foreign Language - the Internet-based Test - with a Tutor

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL, pronounced "тОэфл") evaluates your ability to use and understand the English language.
It is an admission requirement for non-native speakers at colleges and universities.

Вы можете заказать видео-сопровождение с аудио-уроками к Кембриджскому (Cambridge) учебнику английского языка (the English language) для начинающих Essential Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy (красный Мёрфи, Мерфи, Мэрфи)

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based test tutoring

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Пример онлайн занятий по Скайпу (по разделу TOEFL "Writing")

[15:45:37] Юлия Куликова:

Алексей, вот эссе, которое я писала на время, это задание из тоэфла

There are many different kinds of advertising (on the radio, on television, in newspapers, in magazines, and on billboards). In your opinion, which one of these kinds of advertising is the most effective? Why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Advertisement – is the one of the main ways to sell a product or a service. If public doesn’t know anything about product it will be hard to sell it. So, marketing specialists should pay a special attention on advertising.

In my opinion, good advert-campaign should be complex. I mean that only one kind of advertisement – on the radio, or on television, or in some newspaper – wouldn’t inform about the product all the public. For example, if company buys a voice advertising on the radio, only one kind of public will hear it - automobile drivers. If it’s a banner in newspaper – only adult people will see it, because the main part of teenagers doesn’t read newspapers. Billboards on the streets will be seen only by drivers and people, who live or work near it.
So, I think, the best way to make an advert-campaign effective is to create different kinds of advertisement. First of all it concern mass media. It will be very effective to make a video to translate it on television, give an article or a banner in newspapers and magazines and create a voice-advert to play it on the radio. Outdoor advertisement is also should be bring into. Billboards and flyers can inform about the product people, who doesn’t read newspapers and magazines and doesn’t have a TV-set or a radio.

[15:46:11] Юлия Куликова: оно непроверенное
[15:52:02] Алексей: Seen this? ldoceonline.com/dictionary/public_2
[15:52:48] Алексей: google.co.uk/webhp?hl=en&cr=countryUK%7CcountryGB#q=%22If+public+doesn%E2%80%99t%22
[15:53:56] Алексей: google.co.uk/webhp?hl=en&cr=countryUK%7CcountryGB#hl=en&cr=countryUK%7CcountryGB&tbs=ctr%3AcountryUK%7CcountryGB&q=%22If+the+public+don%E2%80%99t%22

[15:54:02] Юлия Куликова: зачем вы мне эти ссылки на гугл шлете?
[15:54:19] Алексей: посмотреть узус
[15:54:28] Алексей: по UK
[15:54:46] Алексей: About 44,400 Pages from the UK
[15:55:04] Юлия Куликова: т.е. правильно if public don't know?
[15:55:13] Алексей: нет
[15:55:23] Алексей: "If the public don’t"
[15:55:43] Алексей: артикли не любишь?
[15:56:01] Юлия Куликова: неа
[15:56:14] Юлия Куликова: а что public - это множ число?
[15:56:19] Алексей: ... know anything about THE product
[15:56:37] Алексей: Seen this? ldoceonline.com/dictionary/public_2
[15:56:59] Алексей: On the whole, the public are conservative about education
[15:57:15] Алексей: The theatre-going public ARE very demanding.
[15:57:26] Юлия Куликова: ага, поняла
[16:02:32] Алексей: the main part of teenagers doesn’t --> don’t

- из той же серии
[16:03:33] Юлия Куликова: ну а тут к какому слову относить - part или teenagers?
[16:03:55] Алексей: это будет 1-ое задание тебе
[16:04:02] Алексей: Диссертация
[16:04:12] Юлия Куликова: смысле?
[16:04:41] Алексей: поработай сама, потом обсудим
[16:05:04] Юлия Куликова: а что знач диссертация?
[16:05:21] Алексей: грамматика + интернет + время + память = Диссертация + успех
[16:06:03] Алексей: ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Диссертация

Что вам нужно для счастья? Опрос репетитора.

Счастье каждый понимает по-своему. Но все хотят быть счастливыми. Представим себе, что появилась волшебная палочка, и можно исполнить всего одно желание. Только одно. Что именно вы бы хотели получить с её помощью? Выучить английский язык?


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